About Us

Process Insights is your trusted partner in optimizing operations, maximizing production, and safeguarding your valuable resources. We offer a range of innovative and reliable analytical solutions designed to enhance efficiency, control, and safety across various applications.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes tailored solutions for industrial, lab and research, and high purity environments. These cost-effective technologies deliver tangible results, empowering you to achieve your goals. As your dedicated experts, we provide unwavering support throughout the installation process and beyond, ensuring a seamless experience.

We understand the paramount importance of preserving precious and limited resources within your operations. With our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, we actively contribute to their conservation. Trust Process Insights to deliver the solutions you need for efficient, controlled, and sustainable operations.


We are with you after the sale.  Process Insights Global Service provides a wide range of after-sales services to proactively maintain your analytical instrumentation. With fast repair and rapid turnaround, OEM spare parts, emergency response, and qualified field service experts, we ensure you get the best value for maximized uptime and peace of mind. We can provide you with the expert execution of both large and small projects and the after-sales service when and where you need it.


Tel: +1 (713) 947-9591

Email: sales.hou@process-insights.com